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2. Contact Information

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4. Delegate(s) Information


5. Data Processing Consent

Personal Information

Information that you provide us with during registration to this event, collected and processed on the basis of our legitimate interest to provide you with this educational service.

Uses & Sharing

We use your information to process your registration application and to communicate with you about this event and related events.

6. Competition Laws Compliance

The competition laws of the EU prohibit any activity which might be constructed as unlawfully limiting competition. In order not to violate these laws during this meeting and to avoid any fines to member companies or to Association, do not discuss or exchange information with your competitiors concerning :

- Individual company prices, price changes, terms of sales, etc.
- Industry pricing policies, price levels,price change, etc- Price differentials, price mark-ups, discounts, allowances, credit terms
- Costs of production or distribution
- Individual company figures on sources of supply costs, production, inventories, sales, etc.
- Future plans concerning technology, investments, designs, production, distribution or marketing of particular products including proposed territories or customers
- Persons or cmpagnies with chom your compagny will or will not do business

7. Methods of payment & fees

Bank transfer information and invoice will follow by email. More details about fees.

Payment Methods

Cancellation policy: for cancellations received at ECCA Head Office by Monday 16 November, refunds will be issued after deduction of 150 €/delegate as administrative costs. No refunds will be issued after MONDAY 16 November 2020. Any question regarding registration should be sent to or call +32.2.515.00.22


Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm

Any question regarding registration.